sample NNAS advisory report

NNAS Advisory Report Sample

My NNAS Advisory Report Sample

Are you looking for a real NNAS advisory report sample?

I am sharing the advisory report I got from NNAS last 2017 for those who are curious about how the report looks like. I got two advisory reports – one for Registered Nurse (RN) evaluation and another one for Practical Nurse (PN) evaluation.

Here are the sections and subsections of the advisory report:

  • Part A: Applicant Data Review
    • A1: Personal Information
    • A2: Nursing Education Overview
    • A3: Registration/License Overview
    • A4: Nursing Practice/Employment
  • Part B: Nursing Education Analysis
    • B1: RN Education Domain Breakdown
    • B2: RN Summary of Technology-Mediated Analysis of Entry to Practice Requirements
    • B3: RN Summary of Technology-Mediated Analysis of Dimension Requirements

Here are the three possible outcomes for the advisory report:

  • Comparable – MEETS or EXCEEDS minimum Canadian standards
  • Somewhat Comparable – PARTIALLY MEETS minimum Canadian standards
  • Not Comparable – DOES NOT MEET minimum Canadian standards

Advisory Report for RN

NNAS advisory report for RN
NNAS not comparable result

For RN evaluation, NNAS issued me a Not Comparable result. It meant that my nursing education is not comparable to Canadian nursing education.

RN advisory report
NNAS AR sample

Advisory Report for PN

advisory report sample for PN
somewhat comparable nnas result

For my LPN evaluation, NNAS issued a Somewhat Comparable result.

comparable nnas result
NNAS AR sample for PN

What Happens Next?

After getting your advisory report, you will be given a link to register to your chosen regulatory body (RB). Each province has their own regulatory body. The process differs a little bit between provinces but it basically boils down to these outcomes:

Comparable: You will be allowed to take the CPNRE (for LPN) or NCLEX (for RN) right away.

Somewhat Comparable: The RB may do another evaluation. You may also be required to complete some courses. Some RBs may also just give authorization to take the CPNRE or NCLEX right away.

Not Comparable: There are two options that might be offered for this depending on your RB – take courses based on the outline of gaps that will be given to you by the RB or take the Competency Assessment Supplement (CAS) for LPNs or the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for RNs. After finishing one of the two options, you will be authorized to take the CPNRE or NCLEX.

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NNAS Advisory Report Sample

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  1. I am a RPN in Ontario .I applied to NNAS for RN and got not comparable . I have 7 years experience in a retirement home and hospital as a RPN. I am still waiting form CNO.

  2. Hi

    Would you suggest to get evaluated for RN and LPN at the same time? Still debating if I need to add LPN to my application. What difference does it make? Thank you


    1. Hello, yes I would suggest that as I did the same thing. I wasn’t sure if I will be granted to take the NCLEX-RN right away so I added the LPN option in my NNAS evaluation to have a Plan B backup in case.. in the end the RN route is longer and more expensive so I pursued LPN in the meantime with CNO. I became an LPN a year after I opened a file with CNO so I managed to work as an LPN quickly. For the RN part, I’m still waiting to do OSCE.

      1. Hi Jean! I would like to ask you some questions. Are you an RN from your country and from which country did you graduate? If it’s been more than 5 years that you didn’t work as an RN, will the chosen RB let you take the full bridging gap orogram if your nursing education is compatable to the Canadian education? Thank you.

        1. Yes I used to be an RN in Philippines. About taking the full bridging program, it will really depend on your chosen RB as each one has different rules that change from time to time.

      2. Can u tell me I can I applied for NNAS I have experience as nurse back home til to April 2016 Hera Canada I health care aide since 2 years. Is it ok if I am applying now for Ontario

      3. Hello Jean,i got my LPR and RN advisory report which is ‘NOT comparable’ so does that mean that I won’t be granted to take any test?Please reply.

      4. Hi,
        You are doing good job.

        Well I had a doubt.
        Do we have to be in canada to give cpnre exam,if eligible?
        What are the routes we can work in ontario as a LPN.

  3. The whole NNAS and CNO is a scam. If everything is perfect then they ask for IELTS for international student. I mean why? So now you will judge my skill for my level of English? Those internationally Educated Nurses, they can come here only after thry have enrolled into some nursing school. Cause all they want is your money. They kill you just to generate a stupid report!!! Just a report for evaluation and then they get you stuck at IELTS for what?
    Read my words its all a scam. The lethargic attitude of the system is so hopeless that you give up on your dreams and expectation when you realize that they just play with you.

    1. Unfortunately because we are nurses who got our education outside Canada (internationally educated nurses), we have to prove that we can match our knowledge and skills with the Canadian standards of practice for nursing. Hence we need to go through a lot of assessments, evaluations and exams. We chose to move here so as part of that decision we also have to comply with their regulations.

    2. Hi Jean. I want to know if you were able to secure a job in Canada upon registration with your RB before you moved to Canada?

      1. I was already here in Canada when I started processing my registration. After I got my RPN license from the College of Nurses of Ontario, I was living here in Quebec so I just transferred the license here for reciprocity. Two months after I registered as an LPN in Quebec (after they reciprocated the license from Ontario), I got hired in a hospital.

        1. Hello. Do you have any sample on how to do the resume/CV outlining nursing education and practice? Thank you so much.

  4. ‘Comparable: You will be allowed to take the CPNRE (for LPN) or NCLEX (for RN) right away.’
    Unfortunately, this is not true – my results were comparable for RN and LPN, both were at around 74% – I have applied in BC for RN and they have put me forward to sit the NCAS competency assessment, then I will have to complete transitional education, finally challenge the NCLEX.

    1. I guess it depends on the RB. With CNO, I don’t know any case so far who got a comparable result but still required to take NCAS for LPN or OSCE for RN.

  5. Hello Jean,
    Do we get separate advisory report for PN and RN applications? I applied for both group and got language requirement waived for only LPN category and it shows ‘ready for review’ in status now. RN application is still waiting for required documents as I’m waiting for my IELTS results, not sure will get enough scores right away though?. I was wondering if NNAS will proceed with my LPN application and give advisory report separately for PN. Did you came across with anyone else in same situation or do you have any knowledge about this. I already sent an email to NNAS about this and waiting for reply. Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated. thanks

    1. Hello, NNAS issues separate advisory reports for LPN and RN, but most of the time they deliver both reports at the same time.

      Two years ago NNAS has the option in their dashboard where you can select to waive English requirement in their evaluation, but you will have to deal with that requirement once you apply to the RB of your choice. I’m not sure if they still have that option in their dashboard now

  6. Hi, I am IEN from another country and living in Alberta since 2 years. I applied for LPN and RN both in Alberta and Ontario. I am already an RPN in Ontario but residing in Alberta. How hard is that to transfer your license in another province. Please, can you share your experience how did you manage to transfer your license from Ontario to Quebec? Thank you

  7. Hi, i have an inquiry. i am registered nurse from india.few weeks ago, i got my nnas advisory report, as it is mentioned in the report that for LPN iits somewhat comparable and for RN not comparable. so, now is i am able to write exam of LPN oR not?

    1. If you’re applying to CNO (Ontario), you have a higher chance that you will be asked to take the CPNRE right away since your LPN evaluation is somewhat comparable. CNO is known to be less strict and more considerate in evaluating IENs above all other RBs in Canada.

    2. Hi Jagwinder,

      Did you apply for both RN and LPN at the same time?

      Jean, My application for RN shows “ready for final review”, can I submit LPN application right now so that can be assessed as well or it will be assessed from beginning and i have to submit all documents again.?

      I also noticed how nicely you are replying to everyone and that is very kind of you.
      Thank you for your time

  8. Greetings kababayan!

    I just stumbled upon your blog while browsing “steps to be an RN IN CANADA as a Filipino IEN” LOL. Guess the long search phrase was worth it since I have a feeling that you and your blog could really help me.
    Long story short, we have same background since I just arrived here in Vancouver, BC last week and plan to work as a nurse but having second thoughts since I just read that the process is long (like 2-3 years of taking the courses). I will only be staying here for 6 years (immigration is still an open conversation between me and my wife) you think becoming an RN here is worth the while? Or being an LPN is not so bad (earnings and experience wise) too? Is LPN almost similar to an RN in terms of job description? Can you share your experiences and thoughts pls through email or here? I would really appreciate it <3

    1. Hello! Welcome to Canada!

      I’m not familiar with the salary difference and scope of practice difference between LPNs and RNs in B.C. Here in Quebec there is not much salary difference between RNs and LPNs, (cents to a dollar difference) and the scope of practice is definitely less stressful for LPNs, (basically no IV meds, PCA pumps, independent assessment and telephone/verbal orders) so until now I still enjoy working as an LPN here. I might pursue being an RN here in the future just because of career goals, but in terms of salary and reducing stress I’m definitely happy working as an LPN.

      The process takes a long time, yes 2-3 years but if you’re focused on fulfilling all the paperwork asap it can take between 1-2 years. Salary is a bit lower compared to US nurses, but salary and work conditions are definitely better here in Canada than in PH. And yes there is a lot of expenses in processing your papers here but you will earn the money back in less than 6 months once you work as a nurse.

  9. Hi Jean,

    My current employer refused to sign the form as they claims I am still working with them and refuse to assist their staff in transfer and leaving, what should I do?
    For Ontario, do we need to request our country board to send the information for them ? Thank you.

    1. Your current employer is ridiculous and selfish, if they won’t sign the form right now I doubt that they will sign the form when you are not working with them anymore. In Canada I don’t think that’s legal, you should check with your province’s work regulations. When I processed my papers my current employer back then signed all the forms without question.

      For CNO (Ontario), they just request proof of previous nursing employments and job descriptions to be sent to them directly from the previous employer. They don’t usually request for documents from your country’s registration board since you already did that with NNAS.

  10. Hi Jean,

    I am still here in the Philippines and planning to apply for a student visa in Ontario. I had a clinic nurse experience for 5 years but it was way back 2015 (NNAS states experience for the past 5 years only). I think the easiest way for me to go for is NNAS for RPN. Do you think NNAS would rate my credentials as “Somewhat comparable”? If so, what else did you accomplish in order to become a licensed RPN in Ontario?

    1. Hi guys, I just check this online
      And found out that there are comments on experiences you all had with NNAS and CNO. Im an international student in Ontario and hoping to get some idea on the process of ky NNAS. I do not have safepractice since mg last work experience was wayback 2012 i graduated in Philippines on 2007. I am planning to only apply for LPN in NNAS. what if I get non comparable?what will be mg next move? Thank you.

  11. Hi,

    Is there an english route to Quebec?, I mean with no need to have any french skills whatsoever?. And what about the regulatory body there, do they require any level of french language proficiency ot there is a route which is totally in English.

    I appreciate any tgoughts and help.


  12. Hi I don’t know if you’d respond but I’m still in my home country with my family I want to know If the visa given to complete the bridging course would allow my family migrate with me and if I’m allowed to work in any capacity while doing it

  13. Hello J, thank you for being so responsive to everyone. I have a few questions.

    As regards sending transcripts and employment duties and roles , what format and how detailed should it be so it can be worthy of getting a comparable from NNAS?

    I’m based in Ontario and chose Ontario for my evaluation. Also picked LPN and RN for evaluation, please share your experience on how detailed your documents were and I don’t mind if I can get in touch with you directly so you can put me through going forward.

  14. Hello I am Rn back home in 2015 and I came to Canada and I did my Rpn full study for 2 years from 2016 to 2018, I started my Rpn job in 2019 and I am still working as Rpn now since then. Do u have any idea that if my study would be comparable for Rn and would I get chance to go for nclex directly??,
    Thanks ?

  15. hi

    if my current employer refused to fill and sign the employment form what should I do in this case.


  16. Hi ma’am. I just received my AR LPN not comparable. What should I do next?Is it okay to port the report in Ontario or apply to ANBLPN?TIA ?

  17. Hello, it really determine me to see your journey I’m just confuse with one thing which is experience can you please tell me how many years of experience you had before applying Nnas as I only have one and I’m scared that this is gonna give me non comparable report

  18. Just wondering how long it took between when you submitted your NNAS application and when you eventually got your advisory report?

  19. Hello Jean.
    I am from Alberta and currently working on my NNAS application, I can’t finish the practice part as my last one was 2011. It could have been more easier if I dodt took my NCLEX then, I passed north carolina NCLEX in 2008. I am so confused of what to do now, but still trying to work on my NNAS, is there anyone here who can help me with the nnas application – shall i just put not applicable to everything and Zero on hours? it is holiday so I can’t call NNAS. To everyone who is trying – kodus for still trying to be a nurse here in Canada .
    Thanks for reading!

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