I registered my College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) application last June 2017 after receiving my NNAS report. This is when they were still responding through snail mail letters. But now, they recently announced that they will transition to online processing of application starting August 2018.

It’s been a year already, take a look at the progress of my application with CNO:


CNO Application Timeline



June 6 – NNAS Advisory report received, opened RN and LPN application with CNO.
June 19 – Received confirmation letter from CNO stating that they received my application. Within 15 business days, they will send a letter about the status of the review of my education-related documents.
June 25 – Received a letter stating that I am eligible to take the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).
June 25 – Received another letter requesting detailed Job Descriptions from my previous employers to be used as additional documents for education assessment.
July 11 – Sent a letter requesting to waive the language proficiency requirement.
August 24 – Passed Jurisprudence Examination.
October 26 – Passed CPNRE.
November 02 – Sent a follow up letter for my request to waive language proficiency requirement.



January 16 – Received letter asking for more supporting documents to waive language proficiency requirement.
March 31 – Sent a letter requesting to review my application to waive language proficiency requirement since all supporting documents have been sent by my previous employers.
May 14 – Received a letter stating that my request to waive language requirement will be referred to the Registration Committee as the information I submitted has not satisfied the evaluator.
May 25 – Another letter arrived stating that I do not meet nursing education requirement along with Competency Assessment Form detailing the gaps in my education for RN application.
May 26 – Received email from Touchstone Institute for OSCE registration.
July 27 – Received letter stating that the Registration Committee has waived my language proficiency requirement.


CNO Online Application

Last September 12, I received an email from CNO stating that Online Application is now available. I just need to use the email address I registered to them upon application.

Email from CNO stating they are going online

The user interface for the online account is simple and easy to use. There are two different sections for RPN and RN application. The details about the documents I submitted and the outstanding requirements are organized under each section.

CNO dashboard appearance

CNO Dashboard Subsections

List of outstanding documents CNO dashboard
There is also a separate message center at the bottom of the page. All letters and messages concerning the application will be sent through the message center. CNO will no longer send snail mail letter to applicants.

CNO Message Centre

Sending Documents to CNO

Now that CNO have transitioned to online applications, it’s confusing to know if we also need to send documents to them through online. But according to the College:

CNO no longer sending snail mail

So far, there is no option yet for online submission of documents in the online portal of CNO. I still continued sending letters and documents through snail mail or Canada Post. My submissions are usually reflected in my online account after 2-5 business days.