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Processing my NNAS

I started processing NNAS as soon as I arrived in Canada. At that time, I thought I will settle in Calgary so I chose CARNA as my Regulatory Body (RB). I paid for both LPN and RN application.

When I moved to Québec, I thought my NNAS application will just go to waste. Then I read from an IEN forum in Facebook that the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is one of the easiest RBs to apply to. Since Ontario is basically just beside Québec, I decided to change my RB to CNO.

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How to Change RB in NNAS?

I couldn’t find a link in NNAS dashboard where I can change my RB. There is a link for adding an RB, which you will pay for, but none for changing.

So I asked my friend who is almost finished in processing her NNAS. There are two ways:

1. Call NNAS Customer Support toll free hotline at (855) 977-1898
2. Email Contact Support

I decided to email the contact support. I explained why I wanted to change the RB and if I need to pay a fee to do that. Within 24 hours, I got a response from the Contact Support team:

So I sent another email formalizing my request to change the RB and it’s done!

Problem Encountered – Identity Documents Rejected by NNAS

NNAS requires duly notarized copies of identity documents. I had mine notarized at Bureau Accès Montréal of CDN-NDG.

5160 Boulevard Décarie #700, Montréal, QC H3X 2H9

It’s in the same building as Service Canada but their office is just in the ground floor. I paid $5 for the notarization of my photocopied passport.
However, after sending the notarized copy of my passport, I received an email from NNAS:

I don’t know what to do and I’m so busy with my job so I decided to wait until the following week. After 2 days, I received another email but this time it’s from one of the assessors in NNAS:

It turned out, the notarized copy of my passport is valid!

My Advisory Report

One week after NNAS accepted my notarized identity document, which is the last document they need to finalize my file, they issued an advisory report:

LPN – Somewhat Comparable
RN – Not Comparable

There is also a new button in my dashboard, “Apply to RB”, that led to the registration page of CNO. I quickly opened a file in CNO since I know my safe practice will expire on October 2019.

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