How to Pass CPNRE Successfully
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How to Pass CPNRE – The Only Thing I Did to Pass the Exam

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The Key on How to Pass CPNRE

It’s been two years since I aimed to pass the CPNRE and successfully did.

During that time, I felt the adrenaline rush inside me and booked for the earliest exam date. Then I realized, I only have one month to review and prepare for the exam.

I know I won’t learn much from reading books in one month. Also, there are so many topics to study in nursing. No matter how hard I organize my study schedule, I won’t have enough time to cover all areas essential for the exam.

So I decided to take as many practice tests as I can in one month.

Why Practice Tests Are Helpful to Pass CPNRE?

It’s true, we learn best from mistakes. And the best time to make mistakes is during a practice test.

Whenever you make a mistake in a practice test, you will be compelled to look for that information to know why you got it wrong. Through this way, you will remember things more easily.

Taking practice tests, instead of reading books, helps in making you focused on the important areas of nursing that are more likely to be asked on the exam.

CPNRE Facts You Should Know

Update: ReX-PN will replace CPNRE in 2022

  • The Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) is a standardized test for aspiring LPNs / RPNs in Canada. The questions are based on competencies required for an entry-level registered/licensed practical nurse.
  • The exam is developed and executed with the help of Yardstick Assessment Strategies Inc.
  • The exam is consisted of 165 to 170 objective multiple-choice questions.
  • You only have four hours to finish the exam.
  • The exam is given in designated testing testers, through authorized computers.
  • You only have three attempts to successfully pass the exam.

Where Can I Find CPNRE Practice Tests?

  1. Yardstick Assessment Strategies Inc. sells CPNRE® Prep Test & Guide ($95) and CPNRE® Predictor Test ($50). You have 10 attempts to take the prep test. On the other hand, you only have one chance/attempt for the predictor test.
  2. Yardstick also provides Computer-Based Testing Demonstration to familiarize test takers with how Yardstick delivers the exam. It’s helpful in learning the user interface of the exam.
  3. The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) provides resources on how to successfully pass CPNRE. They also list the schools that provide CPNRE Preparation Workshops.
  4. The members of this Facebook group also shares CPNRE tips and resources.

This flashcard book has hundreds of practice questions for aspiring LPNs. Each question has explanations about the correct answer to help you understand the topic featured better. Check it out here.

This is a collection of over 1,000 portable review cards. Each card features a practice question on the front and corresponding answers with explanations on the back. Check it out here.

This books features test-taking strategies and study tactics for nursing students. Check it out here.

Study Planner for only $7 CAD

Are you a pen and paper gal? Grab this 12-page planner that you can print and customize according to your study plans. According to studies, committing to the use of a planner helps ramp up focus on achieving goals!

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Passing CPNRE at first take, with only a month to prepare, is a big miracle for me. To pay forward the help I got from online peers as I prepared for the exam back then, I would love to help if you have any question or concern about study resources. Just comment below and I will shoot you an email!

Pass CPNRE Successfully!

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  1. Thank you for your insights! I just wanna ask what resources did you use in preparation for the CPNRE. I am doing my CPNRE on June this year.

    1. I just repeatedly answered the current prep test guide as well as the old CPNRE prep guides released before. I also set a time limit for myself while answering the practice tests. Good luck on your exam!

    1. Back then I just relied on practice questions, like lots of them! I also borrowed LPN books from the library and answered the practice questions in the book. Don’t just rely on CPNRE prep guides; borrow books from the library or practice online with various free test banks. Because the goal in this strategy is to sharpen your test taking skills and knowledge. Also whenever you have wrong answers, have a quick review of the concerned topic so you can remember it more easily. Good luck!

  2. Hey! Thank you for your insight. I am taking my test at the end of June and I have 1 month exactly to study as well. I feel so unprepared and feel the same way you did about reviewing an entire prep book and not having enough time. If you have any more tips or tricks or resources I could use I would love and appreciate anything. Thank you

    1. Since I lacked time to prepare back then, I just really relied on answering as much practice questions as I can. I borrowed nursing books for LPNs from our community library and also answered the practice questions there so I can further sharpen my test taking skills. For the answers I got wrong, I do a quick lookup to refresh my “stock knowledge” about that particular topic. Good luck!

  3. I recently came across your tips and unfortunately I already failed my 2nd attempt. The prep guides did not help me at all. Im scared to fail my 3rd attempt. Any other tips you can give me ?

    1. Aside from answering as much practice test questions as you can and going back to the wrong ones you answered to rationalize the correct answer, try to focus also on the common health problems of the general population here in Canada (geriatrics, obstetrics, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis)

  4. I hardly practiced one month preparing for my RPN examination. Don’t just rely on CPNRE prep guides; borrow books from the library or practice online with various free test banks. Because the goal in this strategy is to sharpen your test taking skills and knowledge. Also whenever you have wrong answers, have a quick review of the rationale, so you can remember what mistake you did.
    Concentrate on your book, use your knowledge while writing the test. You will make it.. Good luck!

  5. Hey I’m in finally year of nursing school, set to take my CPRNE in the Summer !! Would u be able to send me some tips ? How you organized your time and what to study ? I’m so overwhelmed at every you need to study. I bought the Mosby cprne Canadian prep book . Please send me an email

  6. Hi, I have a few questions regarding the CPNRE exam and my CNO. Hope you can shoot me an email. Thanks for all the guide you posted.

  7. I just forget my enrolment key to login into account for predictor test . Can anyone please tell me where i can find that !!!

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