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8 Facts and Tips in Taking CNO Jurisprudence Exam

One of the requirements to get a license to practice in Ontario is to pass the CNO Jurisprudence Exam. All provinces in Canada require this (except Quebec) so new nurses can be familiar with the legal and ethical aspects of nursing practice in a particular province.


Important Facts about the CNO Jurisprudence Exam

1. CNO will send you the eligibility to take the Jurisprudence Examination 2-4 weeks after opening your application.
2. Yardstick Measure facilitates the exam. You will receive an email from them about how to activate your account and how to schedule the exam.
3. Exam fee is CDN$40. You need to have a stable internet connection as the exam is given online.
4. The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions.
5. Applicants have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam.
6. The exam is “open book” – you can have access to any resources you need while taking the exam.
7. Once you pass, the result is valid for 5 years.
8. RPN and RN applicants have the same Jurisprudence examination.


Tips on How to Pass the Jurisprudence Exam

Skimming and speed reading – there are vast resources in CNO for the Jurisprudence Examination. There are wide topics covered and plenty of examples given. Just do a quick skimming/reading of these resources so you can familiarize yourself. Once you’re familiarized with the subjects, you will be quick to open tabs of the sections you need while taking the exam.

Take the exam in the wee hours/morning – if internet connection is unstable and unreliable in your area, it’s best to take the exam outside the peak hours of internet usage. Internet speed is important if you need to quickly find certain resources online while taking the exam.

Keep tabs of the hardest topics for you – in a separate window, open several tabs of the topics that are hard or tricky for you. A quick access for hard topics is handy during the exam.

Don’t check each question with the resources – remember that with the time limit given, you barely have a minute allotted for each question. That’s why you should know the basic topics for Jurisprudence by heart. You should only check for questions that are tricky or confusing.

Resources for CNO Jurisprudence Exam

Here are some study resources from CNO for the Jurisprudence examination. These are the only resources I studied before taking my exam.

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  1. Hello! I just recently applied to cno and got already an email for taking the jurisprudence exam, now I’m reviewing its resources. My concern is, I don’t have a permanent residence in Canada, I want to take bridging program by study visa, will it do?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply as I lost access to this site. Anyway, you can only successfully register as a nurse with CNO if you’re a citizen, a permanent resident or if you have work permit or study permit authorizing you to practise nursing in Ontario. I think you can still proceed with the process but at the end you cannot register to the order without proof of your status here in Canada. Source:

    2. Hi, please I would like to find out if anyone was successful with CNO CAS (Competency Assessment Supplement) especially with expired practice hours. I will appreciate a response

  2. Hii there,

    I got eligibility to write CPNRE in 2018, I fulfilled all the requirements last year and got my license after struggling to waive off the Language proficiency. However, I am not eligible to write NCLEX as I have education gaps. Now I am working as RPN and I am thinking to write a letter to CNO to waive off the OSCE based on my work experience. I was hoping if you might suggest something in this matter.
    Thank you

    1. I actually wrote a letter before requesting the reevaluation of my identified gaps after I completed a bridging program for LPNs in Quebec. They only removed a few gaps (Healthcare system and Ethics), but I was still required to take OSCE as the remaining gaps are impossible to meet via LPN studies/work experience because they’re out of an LPN’s scope of practice. But you should still try to request for a reevaluation based on your work experience to remove some gaps like in my case, if not all.

  3. Hello,
    I am currently preparing for the jurisprudence exam. I wanted to know if there is a passing mark or percentage for this exam? Thanks

    1. Hello, what should i do. In the midle of my jurisprudence exam it just suddenly stop because their site just suddenly turned into temporary unavailable what should i do? I still have two hours remaining

  4. First, thanks so much for this site, it’s so helpful! I am an American RN trying to move to Ontario. My question is about obtaining a work permit? It seems everyone I come across is already in Canada before they try to go through this process, but I’m still in the USA and am not allowed into Canada due to COVID. How does one get a job offer (in order to obtain a work permit and then be approved by CNO)? You would think the CNO would have to approve you first before a hospital would hire you. Do you have any suggestions on obtaining a job if you’re in another country?

  5. Hi,

    I received my NNAS advisory Report and files the application with CNO for RPN and RN both. Received the submission acknowledgement, Jurisprudence exam link and the work authorization field lists ‘Met’. Now what is next? Do I wait for them to instruct me or do I need to send any documents or stuff… How does it proceed from here?

  6. My evidence of practice is expired and now cno wants me to take courses which includes 400 clinical hours so can anyone suggest me how to take course or how to select the college and mainly which course should I take . I am so confused. Any help , suggestions greatly appreciated and helpful.

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