One of the requirements to get a license to practice in Ontario is to pass the CNO Jurisprudence Exam. All provinces in Canada require this (except Quebec) so new nurses can be familiar with the legal and ethical aspects of nursing practice in a particular province.


Important Facts about the CNO Jurisprudence Exam

1. CNO will send you the eligibility to take the Jurisprudence Examination 2-4 weeks after opening your application.
2. Yardstick Measure facilitates the exam. You will receive an email from them about how to activate your account and how to schedule the exam.
3. Exam fee is CDN$40. You need to have a stable internet connection as the exam is given online.
4. The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions.
5. Applicants have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam.
6. The exam is “open book” – you can have access to any resources you need while taking the exam.
7. Once you pass, the result is valid for 5 years.
8. RPN and RN applicants have the same Jurisprudence examination.


Tips on How to Pass the Jurisprudence Exam

Skimming and speed reading – there are vast resources in CNO for the Jurisprudence Examination. There are wide topics covered and plenty of examples given. Just do a quick skimming/reading of these resources so you can familiarize yourself. Once you’re familiarized with the subjects, you will be quick to open tabs of the sections you need while taking the exam.

Take the exam in the wee hours/morning – if internet connection is unstable and unreliable in your area, it’s best to take the exam outside the peak hours of internet usage. Internet speed is important if you need to quickly find certain resources online while taking the exam.

Keep tabs of the hardest topics for you – in a separate window, open several tabs of the topics that are hard or tricky for you. A quick access for hard topics is handy during the exam.

Don’t check each question with the resources – remember that with the time limit given, you barely have a minute allotted for each question. That’s why you should know the basic topics for Jurisprudence by heart. You should only check for questions that are tricky or confusing.

Resources for CNO Jurisprudence Exam

Here are some study resources from CNO for the Jurisprudence examination. These are the only resources I studied before taking my exam.