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English Proficiency Letter Sample – Waive CNO English Test

If you are looking for an English proficiency letter sample, check this complete guide on how to waive the English proficiency test requirement of CNO.

UPDATE (2022): New changes in waiving CNO’s Language Proficiency Requirement:  Learn about the new rules in CNO’s Language Proficiency Requirement

UPDATE (2020): CNO now require to accomplish forms for this! Learn about the new CNO Evidence of Language Proficiency Forms

Disclaimer: CNO’s rules change frequently. Do your own due diligence by always checking CNO’s website.

Step 1: Write a letter to CNO

The first thing you need to do is to write a letter to CNO. The letter is like your formal request to waive the English proficiency requirement in your application.

You need to be detailed in stating the reasons why you think you already meet the English proficiency requirements. It will help to organize your reasons 1. by each related work experience you have or 2. by grouping your evidences throughout the four categories of English proficiency (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

Request to Waive English Proficiency Letter Sample

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day!

I am writing to formally request the exclusion of the English Proficiency Requirement in my application.

I am confident that I have proficient English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills for the following reasons:

  1. The medium of instruction in the schools I attended for primary, secondary and tertiary education is strictly English.
  2. In my most recent nursing job as a Registered Nurse in Happy Medical Center, I provided care to patients coming from diverse backgrounds. The most common medium of instruction we used is English.
  3. I have been working in Starbucks as a barista since I arrived here in Ottawa. English and French are the official working languages we use in our workplace.

With these reasons, I hope you will consider my request. Shall there be any additional requirements to support this, please don’t hesitate to inform me. Thank you.

Step 2: Request and send evidences of language proficiency

After sending the request letter, CNO will respond with a letter of instructions on what documents they need so they can waive the English proficiency requirement. You need to provide evidences of language proficiency like:

  • Recommendation letters from your previous employers
  • Recommendation letters from your previous teachers
  • Proof that you studied in Canada
  • Recommendation letter from your school

The recommendation letters should be mailed directly to CNO from your previous employer, teacher or school. The letters and envelopes should bear logos of the company or school to prove authenticity.

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English Proficiency Letter from Employer Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day!

I, John Smith, Chief Nurse of Happy Medical Center, is writing to the College of Nurses of Ontario to provide supporting details about Ms. Nurse Jojo’s English proficiency skills.

As one of her immediate superiors, I am confirming her English communication skills in the following areas:

Speaking and Listening

Ms. Nurse Jojo did well with her English communication skills. Every month, each nurse in our department is required to have a clinical case presentation in the Nursing Service Department office during Unit Conference. The medium of instruction in the Unit Conference is English so the nurses were expected to present their clinical case reports in English. Ms. Nurse Jojo was excellent in presenting her reports and she was able to answer follow-up questions diligently.

Writing and Reading

Ms. Nurse Jojo demonstrated excellent English proficiency skills through her nursing documentations in the station. All hospital documentations, including Nurse’s Notes and Doctor’s Orders, are written in English. She did a great job in accomplishing clear and thorough documentations for patient care as well as in carrying out Doctor’s Orders for patient care management.

If further needed, I can provide more supporting references to prove Ms. Nurse Jojo’s English proficiency skills. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, thank you.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

As requested by Ms. Nurse Jojo, I am writing to the College of Nurses of Ontario to provide supporting reference for her English proficiency skills.

She has been the Nursing Service Quality Control and Training Officer of Happy Medical Center from 2010 to 2015 directly reporting to me, the Chairman of the Nursing Service Quality Control and Training Officer.

She demonstrated outstanding English communication skills in the following areas:


  • Led quarterly  Nursing Service Quality Control meetings with Board Directors and Department Heads.
  • Facilitated knowledge-enrichment conferences and seminars for hospital employees.
  • Conducted Nursing Service training for new hospital employees.


  • Conducted research for creation of monthly health flyers and bulletins for hospital employees.
  • Received and complied to letters and memoranda sent by the Central Training Office.
  • Conducted extensive research and compiled supporting studies for new strategies on health teaching.


  • Created and edited Manuals, Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on ISO 9000 Standards for Hospitals.
  • Wrote interdepartmental letters and memos about different concerns in the Nursing Service Department.


  • Attended departmental meetings to participate in open discussions about the concerns in the hospital and to collaborate with other departments in regards to arising problems in the Nursing Service Department.
  • Communicated with Hospital Board Directors and doctors regularly for different concerns in the Nursing Service department.

I am hoping that this letter will serve as a strong supporting reference for Ms. Nurse Jojo’s English proficiency skills. Thank you.

Step 3: Send another letter to CNO confirming that all proofs have been sent

After confirming with your previous employers and teachers that all reference letters have been sent, you should inform CNO by sending another letter. This letter is necessary so the committee in charge of the review of proofs can start reviewing your case.

Make sure to mention in your letter the list of documents CNO should have received for your proofs of English proficiency.

It may take three to six months to receive a decision letter from the committee.

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