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8 Extraordinary Things You Experience When Your Sibling is A Nurse

Is your brother or sister a nurse? If yes, you must be one of the lucky people in the world who experienced extraordinary moments with a nurse sibling! How weird these moments can be?

Alcohol pads everywhere

Slowly you start noticing alcohol pads are everywhere especially in the laundry area. And not only alcohol pads – you also see weird medical things like syringes, saline flushes and vial caps. You just hope that you will not see hardcore medical stuff you see in gore movies like surgical instruments and random body parts!

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Gross stories over dinner

You learned one lesson the hard way – don’t ask your nurse sibling how is her day during dinner! Be prepared to imagine blood, urine, feces while eating your meal.

Unpredictable schedule

Sometimes you start to think that your sibling is camping in the hospital. Then all of a sudden you find her raiding the fridge at 2:00AM. It’s generally hard to plan sibling-bonding activities because she’s not even sure of her own schedule. 

Almighty health

Don’t you find it amazing when everyone at home is dead-sick with the flu while your nurse sibling just sneezed once and it’s over? Or do you suspect that it’s her who brought the virus home in the first place? 

As they say, exposure is the key to immunity. Nurses are exposed to many kinds of bacteria and viruses at work. This made them a living proof of acquired immunity at its best. 

Strong guts

No amount of puke, poop, pee, blood and other heavenly fluids can deter your nurse sibling. They’re just no biggie for her! In fact, they are part of her everyday life at work. She has seen all kinds and colors of these things. 

Out-of-this-world stories

You know who you gonna call if you want some true-to-life interesting and weird stories. You don’t even have to worry about confidentiality issues as your nurse sibling remembers every single detail but not the names.

Strict movie/series critic 

Planning to watch a film or a series with some medical drama? Don’t you dare try watching it with your nurse sibling! Or else be prepared to hear expertly curated criticisms like:

“That’s not even possible in real-life hospitals” “The ET tube is not placed correctly” 

“How is he alive? In real life 5 minutes into that you should be dead already!”

Got your back

Most importantly, your nurse sibling surely has your back when you are sick. Just tell her your symptoms and you will get a diagnosis. Or a scare. 

“If you don’t go to your family doctor right away this will happen to you *insert scary things*. I’ve seen this exact same story in my patient before!”

But surely you are covered when you need advice about over-the-counter drugs. And when you have questions about your new prescriptions. Isn’t it convenient to get expert advice from a healthcare professional at the comfort of your home? 

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