Hello there! My name is Jè. I am passionate about nursing so I made this blog to share my thoughts and the bits of information I know about different timely topics in nursing. 

You can say that I’m relatively new in this career. I have six years of experience as an RN that spanned around pediatrics and infection control. But before that I had no permanent position, and I floated to different departments whenever needed FOR A YEAR. It’s like today I’m in NICU but tomorrow I will be in ER. It’s hard but it taught me to become adaptable and resilient all the time. 

dead inside meme

Fast forward to 2016, I decided to move to a different country. Instead of getting an equivalence for my RN license to practice, I chose to get an LPN license. I wanted to take my time in exploring the nursing profession. When I feel that it’s the right time, I will get my RN license eventually. 

For now, I enjoy working as an LPN phlebotomist. I know this position sounds weird and patients call me different names – dracula, vampire and mosquito! But still, I like my job very much. When I’m in public places I don’t look at people’s faces anymore. I look at their veins. 

phlebotomist meme

I hope you enjoy reading this blog!